Still in the Game

with Ashley Shaw

As an psychologist, athlete, coach and parent of young athletes, I believe in the value of sport and active lifestyle.

Involvement in sports has the potential to build strong character, mental toughness, and teach valuable life lessons. Unfortunately, involvement in sports can also be a source of stress, injury, and devastation when unhealthy values are at work. For this reason, I am passionate about creating a youth sports culture based on healthy values that will improve the overall mental health of young athletes. I believe that creating a healthy youth sports culture is necessary for raising well-rounded and confident athletes and people as well as encouraging an active lifestyle well into adulthood.

Still in the Game provides educational workshops sharing what experts are saying about healthy sports values and development. We also teach mindful awareness of words, actions and values for parents and athletes in sports. These mindfulness skills help to develop a balanced sense of self, increase confidence, embrace failure, and manage strong emotions. We believe these skills create a lasting enjoyable experience in sport to keep our athletes in the game for years to come.