Assessment Services

Is your child…

Coming home from school feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

Not performing as well as you think they could?

Bored, distracted, or not challenged enough?

Psychoeducational testing and assessment provide parents and teachers with an understanding of a child’s specific learning strengths and challenges.

Children who have learning differences may struggle to do what is asked of them at school, feel anxious and overwhelmed, or exhibit challenging behaviours. Believing in themselves as a learner is critical for their long-term academic success.

Our Psychologists can help you and your child understand their unique learning challenges and strengths.

You will receive a report along with recommendations to support your child academically and emotionally. In some cases, these recommendations can also be included in an Individual Program Plan at your child’s school so that your child’s teachers can be involved in helping them reach their full academic potential.

The cost of Psychoeducational testing starts at $2500 and may change depending on the needs of your child. Psychoeducational Assessment is covered by most insurance providers. Book an initial assessment to receive a quote.

Behavioural Assessment

Do you feel like parenting is especially challenging?

Do you feel as if you are failing as a parent despite your efforts?

Are you tired of receiving advise and negative feedback from others about your child or your parenting?

Parenting is hard and understanding your child’s behaviour can be especially difficult, but you are not alone.  Our Psychologists can help you understand your child’s behaviour and equip you with strategies to navigate the challenges your child may face.

Behavioural assessment begins with an initial consultation to discuss your current concerns.  You will receive a full diagnostic report completed by your Psychologist to identify the source of your child’s behaviour concerns.  You will be supported with resources and strategies to navigate the challenges you and your child face.