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At Still Waters Psychology, we are committed to supporting our clients as they embrace life’s challenges. With acceptance and compassion, we create a trusting relationship with each client to discover what is keeping them stuck and to teach them skills to move through them and reach their full potential.

Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Connections are so important within many aspects our lives. Feeling connected to others strengthens the quality of our relationships and increases our sense of belonging. Connecting the emotional and logical parts of our brain increases our understanding of our experiences. And finally, understanding how different parts of ourselves (body, mind, and soul) are connected can improve our overall health and well-being. In fact, poor physical health, mental illness, or lack of spirituality can throw our entire system off balance.

Help with…

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Self-worth
• Relationships
• Parenting
• Emotional regulation
• Executive functioning

The body plays a key role in mental health.  Awareness of how our body remembers significant events and emotions can help to use the body to heal.  Many of our therapeutic approaches recognize the importance of body sensations and teach skills based in Mindfulness and Somatic processing to understand how past experiences have affected us and how to use them to heal and change the way we respond to future events.

Because our bodies play an important role in our overall health, it is important to take care of them and treat them respectfully with proper nutrition, exercise and rest.  Therapy can help you learn strategies to meet your goals for your overall health.

The human mind is always growing and changing.  Understanding how the brain develops over time, and how it changes based on different experiences guides the path we choose to help you reach your full potential.  A rigid mind results in inflexibility and stunted growth, but a mind that is flexible is able to learn and grow.

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Often times we become stuck on certain beliefs or judgments that stand in our way of reaching our full potential. It is as if we are struggling against the current trying just to keep our heads above water. We become so exhausted we do not even realize that letting go of our struggle is even an option. By letting go of the struggle, we accept ourselves and our circumstances for what they are and allow something or someone or something greater than ourselves to guide us like the current directs the flow of water. Using a combination of psychological interventions and a spiritual perspective for concerns, such as self-worth, anxiety, depression, facing difficult decisions, and relationships, we help clients let go of distractions that are hooking them so they can experience grace and purpose in their life.

Ashley Shaw

Registered Psychologist (# 4962) – Calgary, Alberta

I take an accepting and compassionate approach to therapy. I enjoy guiding my clients to a greater understanding of themselves through mindfulness and acceptance to create lasting change and growth that will help them reach their full potential. With my warmth and calmness, I am able to put you at ease so that we can explore your deepest concerns together.

I earned my Masters degree in Counselling from Athabasca University and am a Registered Psychologist. I have been involved with children and families in various roles including counsellor, coach, and caregiver over the last 15 years. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families with the goal of helping my clients understand their struggles and work toward their own personal values and goals. I have provided families with the support they need to manage their children’s behavioural concerns at home, such as anxiety, depression, emotional regulation and executive functioning skills.  I am passionate about families in particular and it is my desire to build strong families and resilient kids.

I have many roles, including daughter, wife, mother, sister, athlete, teammate, coach, and friend. Although these roles do not define me, they play a significant role in shaping the person I am becoming.

I love to be active, creative, and have fun. Whether it be running, biking, hiking, golfing or playing sports and games with my kids, moving my body and being in nature makes me feel alive.

In Case of Emergency

Calgary Distress Centre
24 hr crisis support

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