Kimberly Eckert

Kimberly Eckert

Registered Psychologist

Kimberly Eckert is a Registered Psychologist who has over 15 years of experience in the field of child development & educational psychology. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of Eckert Psychology & Education Centre, which opened its doors in September 2001.

Kimberly specializes in the area of learning, attention, and mental health assessments. She has had extensive experience contracting assessment services to school boards and independent schools within Calgary and area, and has built a strong reputation by providing comprehensive, high quality assessment services. In addition to her assessment work, Kimberly provides counseling for children and young adults. One of Kimberly’s main passions is teaching professionals and parents real life strategies that effectively support children/teens with unique and often complex needs. To this end, she has developed The M-PACT© board (a response cost behavioral teaching system), The Successful Parent’s Toolbox™ Seminar Series, and has authored the DVD/Workbook Raising a Confident Child: Preparing our Child for True Greatness. Kimberly is a highly sought after speaker for schools, agencies and churches and can be heard each week on Shine FM radio’s morning show, Parenting Moments with Kimberly.

Kimberly also has extensive experience and knowledge regarding legal consultation, parent counselling, and special education programming consultations to schools and agencies. Another of her passions is providing support to clients and families with children who have special needs including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down syndrome, Brain Injury, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety Difficulties, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Finally, Kimberly is committed to bringing about positive change within organizations ensuring that their mission, values, and principles are being realized. Her journey as a business owner coupled with her training and experience in psychology has armed her with the skill and knowledge needed to assist agencies, schools and businesses create and maintain a healthy and vibrant culture within their workplace.

Kimberly is registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists and is a member of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. She holds a Master of Science in School & Community Psychology from the University of Calgary.