Faye Gosnell

Faye Gosnell

Registered Psychologist

I am a Registered Psychologist with a Master of Counselling degree. My training background is broad, from family therapy to psycho-educational coaching and assessments; from teaching in university programs to trauma-informed therapies such as EMDR. I have worked in post-secondary settings; as the mental health coordinator for a large post-secondary institution, I was tasked with facilitating the development and implementation of a mental health strategy. I have also worked with public agencies (the Calgary Family Therapy Centre, where I completed much of my training), and in a variety of private practice settings. I work with a broad set of issues and concerns, but my current focus is family therapy to support families with children or adolescents who are struggling in some aspect of their wellbeing or development.

Areas of Speciality:

  • Improving communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Depression, anxiety, ADHD
  • Grief, loss
  • Family therapy (as needed to support adolescents 12 and up)
  • Child (8+), adolescent and adult mental health
  • Relationship with food / disordered eating
  • Processing emotional trauma from past experiences
  • Challenges with motivation and behaviour change

What inspires you?

My clients have always been a source of inspiration for me. I admire the resilience of the human spirit. Therapy, for me is a deep passion. I truly believe anyone can benefit from therapy; it is not a fringe activity for people who suffer from mental health disorders. Therapy is a creative process that can take many different forms depending on your family’s unique goals and needs. I am always inspired to learn about new and innovative ways of approaching therapy.

What are your proudest accomplishments?

I suppose I take some pride in my capacity for change. Growth and development, in my view, is a lifelong journey. I have managed to adapt to various changes in circumstances, new settings and challenges and despite difficulties along the way. My proudest accomplishments have to do with milestones in my education (completing a difficult thesis, for example), career challenges I’ve overcome (needing to change jurisdictions or move to another city for work), and personal life (the growth I experience in my relationship with my teenage daughter over the years).

What are your Hobbies and Interests?

I love many outdoorsy and artistic pursuits. Snowboarding, sailing, cycling and travel are some of my favourites. Being in nature, reading, and spending time with friends and family are things I enjoy.

Why do you think people should choose Eckert Centre?

I believe the staff at Eckert Centre are knowledgeable, well-trained and professional. Eckert Centre offers a variety of services, some of which are fairly unique within Calgary. I find the team here genuine, caring, and collaborative in terms of how they support clients.